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Playing Rules

Football Playing Rules

  • Games to be played to the FA rules.
  • The coin toss will determine which team has first kick off.
  • To ensure a smooth transition please arrange to coin toss before your game.
  • Retreat line rule applies. This will be determined by either the halfway line or a cone. To be agreed by all coaches at the coaches meeting.
  • There is no limit to the number of substitutions that can be made by a team if players do not exceed the maximum squad number of 12.
  • In the interest of sportswoman-ship and fair play, substitutions are to be made when the ball is out of play and referee notified.
  • All free kicks are direct.
  • Pass back rule applies – direct free kick given from penalty area line nearest to the offence.
  • Goalkeeper area should be clearly marked. Goal kicks must be taken from the ground.
  • No offside.
  • Matches will be centrally timed, but the referee’s whistle will determine the end of the game. This should be when the ball has gone out of play or neither team is in an attacking position.

Netball Playing Rules

  • All matches shall be played to the INF Rules of Netball.
  • Coin toss to determine which team has first centre pass in Q1.
  • Rolling substitutions are acceptable.
  • Centre pass alternates after goal.
  • All players must wear positional bibs.
  • In the event of a clash of bib colours, the first named team on the playing schedule will play in alternative-coloured bibs.
  • All substitutions during a match, including but not limited to blood replacements, shall be made in accordance with International Netball Federation rules, however, time will not be held for stoppages due to injury, illness, or blood.
  • For any injuries or illness, time will not be stopped UNLESS it is determined by the Umpire in consultation with the medical team that the injury is serious enough to require the game to stop for safety reasons. The Umpire, at his/her discretion, may call the game off early to maintain the safety of participants.


  • Three cheers are encouraged after all games.
  • Score cards to be checked and signed by the Team captain and handed to umpire/ref.
  • The organizers accept no liability for injuries sustained during the tournament.

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