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Code of Conduct

Players Code of Conduct

To gain the best experience from your involvement in this tournament we hope that the following will prove useful.

  • I will play within the rules and respect officials’ decisions.
  • I will be respectful to all coaches, team managers, officials, and volunteers, for the time they give to my sport.
  • I will respect and never underestimate my opponents, and not try to gain an unfair advantage over them.
  • I will always encourage and support my fellow team members without behaving in an unsporting way towards our opponents.
  • I will always do my best in every situation.
  • I will accept success and take victory and defeat equally. Win or lose I will try to enjoy every moment on court.
  • I will not use foul or other inappropriate language.
  • I will not smoke or consume alcohol or drugs of any kind whilst participating in this tournament.
  • I will be punctual and be ready and prepared at the appropriate times (hair tied back, no jewelry and nails short and smooth).
  • I will always inform my coach or the team manager of any injury or medical condition, which may affect my performance.
  • I will take responsibility for myself in and out of game time, including being in the right place at the right time.
  • I accept the Code of Conduct as above and will respect all fellow players regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background, religious beliefs, or sexual identity.

Parents & Spectators Code of Conduct

In order to gain the best experience from their involvement in sport, children and young people generally rely on their parents/carers for both emotional and financial support. It is hoped that the following will prove useful to parents and carers to support their child to participate in and enjoy sport.

  • Support your child’s involvement and help them to enjoy all that sport has to offer.
  • Encourage respect for the rules, support fair play and the acceptance of an official’s decision.
  • Encourage recognition of good performance in others as well as themselves.
  • Do not applaud opponent’s errors or their misfortune.
  • Uphold high standards of behaviour, appearance & promote the importance of being a team player.
  • Establish a positive partnership with the coach in order to help provide the best possible balance between the demands of netball, education and home.
  • Ensure that your child fully understands the requirements of the Player Code of Conduct.
  • Never exert undue pressure on your child to compete or to gain results.
  • Be realistic about your child’s ability.
  • Always use appropriate language and ensure your child does the same.
  • Under no circumstances condone a rule violation or the use of prohibited substances including alcohol and tobacco.
  • Ensure that your child understands that they should take an appropriate level of responsibility for their own safety.
  • Show respect to the coach/volunteer working with your child.

Umpires& Officials Code of Conduct

  • Comply with all rules, regulations, and requirements of the sport.
  • Officiate consistently across any leagues and competitions in which I umpire.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in sport, regardless of gender, marital status, race, colour, disability, sexuality, age, occupation, religion, or political opinion.
  • Do not abuse or misuse any relationship of trust or position of power or influence held by me.
  • Always conduct myself in an appropriate manner and cooperate with other officials.
  • Exercise self-control: I understand that verbal, emotional and physical abuse of coaches, spectators, athletes or other officials is not acceptable or permitted behaviour in any sport.
  • Treat all officials with respect, never bully or take unfair advantage of another official.
  • Umpire consistently, independently and with complete impartiality and exercise reasonable care and skill to enforce the rules of the game, to apply them fairly and to effect control of the game.
  • Always ensure the safety of the players.
  • Conform to appropriate standards of mental/physical fitness which will enable me to effectively control matches.
  • Be appropriately dressed whenever I umpire.
  • Abide by any disciplinary sanctions that might be imposed on me.
  • Promote this code of conduct to other umpires and officials.
  • I will not coach during any match at which I am umpiring.
  • I will not use Social Media technology to bring the game into disrepute or make an inappropriate comment about a fellow official, coach, player, or team.
  • We value all umpires.

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